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PS Password Keeper 1.83

It keeps your password and username with description in encrypted database files
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At the present time the emerging trend of using technology is also increasing the burden on our mind to remember a number of passwords. Even a normal person is required to remember a lots of passwords like password of his cell phones, debit cards, credit cards, online bank accounts, internet connections, email ids, personal websites, messengers, community sites, forums, blogs, groups, windows, personal files, safe or anything else. Everything is required a password and maybe username also to take access and protect it from unauthorized access. Remembering all such passwords and usernames may sometimes create confusion, and there is very much possibility that we may forget one or two. What happen if you forget your credit card of email id password ? It is also not safe if you write down your passwords on a piece of paper or in a text file, because it is porn to everyone. So it is better if you use PS password Keeper. I can’t say that it is 100% safe but it is a lot safer then you forgetting your passwords or written passwords on paper or text file. PS password keeper keeps your passwords and usernames with description in encrypted database files protected by password. So you have to remember only one password for all your passwords. Or if you want to categorize your passwords then you can also create different database files for different types of passwords.

Manoj Goel
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  • It is freeware
  • Gives option to create category
  • Saves passwords and other details in encrypted database files
  • Provides facility to create different database files
  • Provides Password generator
  • Provides quick copy window
  • Gives option to set own 255 char. encryption key to encrypt database files


  • Displays original passwords in the list and not stars may be unsafe if someone else is there
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